independent photographer, self-taught.Started photography in Moscow in 2013.

My first works, between 2013 and 2016, are a documentary research on Russia and its cultural identity.I searched for the " Russian soul" in the cities and the remote parts of Russia, in the landscapes and people I met. And in the neighbouring countries.

During these Russian years, I developed a sensitivity to the concept of The passing of time. In Russia, in some places ,you can feel that time stopped on its tracks and that you could be living 30, 50 years back or more. While some others are more surrealistic, futuristic than today's world.

This distorsion of time is infusing my current projects.



The Best of Russia, Moscow, Russia, collective. 2017.

The Best of Russia, Moscow, Russia, collective. 2016.

Moscow through the eyes of foreigners, Romanov Dvor,Moscow, 2015


jurors Picks, LensCulture Emerging Talents Awards, 2016.

Jurors Picks, LensCulture Street Photography Awards, 2016.

Winner , The Best of Russia, 2016 and 2014.

PUBLICATIONS, Poland, 2016.

Russie Info, Russia 2016., Germany, 2016.

The Moscow Times, 2014.


The Best of Russia, 2016, collective.

The Best of Russia, 2014, collective.

LensCulture portfolio.


Private collections in England, China, UAE, France, Sweden, Russia, Estonia.